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We’ve set the bar for small dog daycare in San Francisco

When you’re a small dog, size does matter. Small dogs have special needs, and at Bark to Basics, it’s our job to see them catered to

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Here are the basics of how we do it


Small dogs are much more comfortable in a home environment than a big warehouse. That’s why we run Bark to Basics in our home -literally.


Top-notch care begins with a top notch staff. That’s why we insist on a high staff to small dog ratio with a staff who are dog*tec trained and certified.


We believe good care is not a free for all. That’s why we maintain a daily routine of fun, rest, and love designed to send your dog home just the right amount of tired.

The end result is Great care for your small dog and peace of mind for you

Learn how our daycare works

A structured day of fun and care

Too often daycare is a free for all, resulting in dogs who are overly tired and eventually become cranky with their buddies. That’s no fun. We believe in sending your dog home happily tired. That means a balance of activities and rest:

Supervised play time

Our staff oversees all play sessions, assuring everyone is having a fun and safe time. Whenever weather permits we take our games outside to our large, secured backyard. Rainy days mean romping in our hangout room.

Training time

Not so much a specific time of day, just an all day positive reinforcement of good small dog manners like polite sits and coming when called.

Nap time

Many veterinarians have expressed concern about all day play, and we agree. So we build in quiet time in our sleeping room. Your dog can choose between a couch spot or a private crate if she’d like to enjoy a nap time chew.

Potty time
Potty time

We know how hard you worked to potty train your small dog. That’s why we provide all day access to the yard and actively reinforce good toilet manners.

Lap time
Lap time

If your small dog is a cuddler, she’ll be in good hands. Our staff loves to pamper and no dog at Bark to Basics is ever turned down for a cuddle session.

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We’d love to hear about your small dog and answer any questions you may have. And if it feels like we might be the right fit, we’ll look forward to meeting you both!

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What our customers are saying

“Is your dog tiny? Does it like to have fun? Is it your ‘baby’? You need to talk to Shura! Your pup will play his/her little heart out in a safe, clean, well-supervised environment with a loving staff. You go to work, the dog goes to Shura’s, everyone’s happy.”

“Our puppy, a Puggle, loves Bark to Basics and we couldn't be happier with his care. Shura and her team are such professionals. We live nearby and on weekends our puppy runs to her house and waits hopefully for someone to come out and get him so he can play with his friends. He gets lots of exercise and play time and is such a happy pup!”

"This place rocks! Shura is the kindest and warmest person ever! She gives the best hugs. I get picked up everyday in the mornings by Jess and get dropped off by a number of people (Samantha and etc.) I can't quite remember because I'm always sleeping in the car ride."