All positive, all the time


Daycare is supposed to be fun for dogs and provide relief and peace of mind for dog owners. With that in mind, we use only force free, science based methodologies to teach our little guests the rules of the house and reinforce their good manners for your benefit at home. Positive training builds confidence and it’s fun, too. We believe in positive care of our human clients, too. That’s why we offer a full day of care to cover your full day at work, provide pick up and drop off at no extra cost, and always greet you with a friendly voice or face.

Shura Kelly

Shura Kelly, CTC

Shura holds a Certificate in Training & Counseling from the Academy for Dog Trainers, widely held as the “Harvard of dog training schools.” She has been training dogs since her graduation in 2001, giving in to her soft spot for small dogs early on. She is a member of the Pet Professional Guild which provides world-wide leadership in positive reinforcement training. Locally she belongs to the ProDog and Ocean Beach Dog associations. Shura regularly attends professional seminars, workshops, and conferences to hone her skills, keep up on the latest scientific research on canine training and behavior, and help her staff do the same.

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We take a team approach to the care of small dogs, working together to meet the needs of all our small guests all the time. We are proud to require that all Bark to Basics staff are either educated through the Academy for Dog Trainers or the dog*tec Dog Walking Academy or both. We study canine learning theory, body language, basic positive training techniques, aggression, group care and management, safety and emergency protocols, and canine first aid and CPR. At Bark to Basics our work is more than a job. It’s both a vocation and an avocation and, while we have a whole lot of fun doing it, we always take what we do for the serious work it is.